Tyson Fury Kos Dillian Whyte with devastating uppercut

The first round was not the explosive fight we hoped to see with both men exchanging tepid jabs. Fury began to show off his speed, feinting on the ropes to avoid early body shots from Whyte. The first real action of the round came towards the end when after Whyte tried to land a body shot, met a heavy right hand from the WBC champion.

Heading into the fight, Fury weighed his lightest in three years and in the second round, the Gypsy King looked to be quicker on his feet. Whyte took some heavy swings at Fury, but he avoided them effortlessly before returning jabs of his own.

Whyte began to run out of options, and in the third round, it became clear that Fury was easing into his stride. At the beginning of the round, Whyte tried to test his range with a jab, but Fury responded with a powerful left hook.

Fury soon pounced again, catching Whyte with a quick combo when he went for a body shot. The round ended with a major highlight as Fury landed two right blows as Whyte tried to show off his head movement.

The fourth round was more of the same as Whyte tried but failed to hit Fury. Following two punches from Fury, Whyte replied with a big right hand, but Fury dodged the blow, and Whyte nearly lost his footing.

Fury continued to dominate his opponent, and in the fourth round, Whyte began to bleed from a cut just above his eye, following a head collision by both men. By the fifth round, it was clear that Fury was in far better shape than Whyte as he continued to dance around the tired-looking challenger.

Fury soon put his challenger out of his misery, ending the bout in the sixth round. As Whyte leaned in to strike a right-handed blow, Fury dipped out of the way before returning a good uppercut which floored Dillian Whyte.

At the end of the fight, Fury hinted at retirement which would see him end his career undefeated, winning 32 and drawing one of his 33 fights.

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