Tiannah Fortified in Dubai, Laura’s Emotional Rollercoaster on RHOLagos Episode 10

An emotional rollercoaster and fun extravaganza best describe episode 10 of The Real Housewives of Lagos (RHOLagos) show which premiered on Friday, June 10, 2022. For this episode, the housewives went on a trip with Toyin Lawani-Adebayo to Dubai for her 40th birthday, and it was pure vibes from the screens.

Laura Ikeji and Toyin Lawani-Adebayo 

If we decide to look away from Laura Ikeji showing up with her usual attitude of downing the show’s mood with her mood swings, you also could not help but feel bad for her even if she is getting the energy she has given to the ladies on several occasions.

Here are some of the highlights from episode 10 of RHOLagos

Laura feels alone and segregated

Laura is a high-maintenance friend; she expects her friend to constantly check up on her, give her attention and pull her around to have fun, while the other ladies just want to have fun without drama. In this episode, Laura felt bad that the other ladies were not carrying her along in their conversations.

Mariam Wants What She Wants

You remember Toyin’s cultural-themed party episode 9 where Mariam Timmer won the prize to get the biggest room on their trip to Dubai after the host Toyin? Well, she almost didn’t get the room as promised. She got the smallest room at the villa and all hell almost broke loose.

At the end of the episode, Mariam gets what she wants and a bigger room as they move to the villa.

Laura Apologises To The Ladies 

She felt left out of all the vibes and conversations, so she had to apologise so they all could be cordial even when she didn’t mean it. Her apology to Toyin was, however, different. ‘I miss Toyin,’ she said.

She felt her friend had left her to gist with other ladies. In the last scene, she got so emotional that she shed a tear.

Toyin and Her Masked Man

Chioma Ikokwu usually comes with gifts on occasion, but Mariam took it to a whole new level as she surprised Toyin by bringing her husband to Dubai as a present for her birthday. As usual, the mask was tightly on.

Dubai Was Fun!

Although the ladies do not necessarily see eye to eye, they chose to be cordial throughout this trip, and the vibe was immaculate. From the car drifting ride to the camel ride and the belly dancing show, they all seemed to have had a swell time in Dubai.

All these are a spec of the real fun of the episode. The Real Housewives of Lagos is currently streaming on Showmax.


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