Takeaways From Burna Boy’s Madison Square Garden Concert in New York

Grammy award-winning Nigerian Superstar Burna Boy has stamped his name in history with his ‘One Night In Space’ concert at Madison Square Garden. It’s Burna Boy, the expectations were high because normally he brings it. But now that all that is done, allow me to say “Our expectations were not high enough”. The internet is full of praise for the African Giant, but here are conclusions or takeaways from Burna Boy’s historical performance at the Madison Square Garden.
  • Burna Boy loves performing:

This one is obvious. The way he does it is so joyous. You can see he enjoys being up there. There’s no way you’d watch the African Giant performing and not see that he is a happy kid deep down. And this seemingly simple fact might just be why Burna Boy’s shows are nicely put together. It gives him so much joy to sing and dance and excite the crowd that he does it with charisma. Burna Boy’s entire personality when performing is so exciting to see. His smiles are infectious.

You know how you dance when nobody is watching and you’re alone in your room doing what you like, It looks the same for Burna, except the Arena is his room here and the fans are there, but since when has the African Giant been too shy to show himself.

Burna Boy and New York have a long-term romance. This one is not just gotten from the crowd’s reaction to the music. Burna Boy himself has said all his outings at the Big Apple have been sold out. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Grammy award winner sold out and had a responsive crowd at the garden. His Journey one york as been beautiful. Don’t take my word for it. Burna Boy said:

  • Burna Boy has ‘Transitions’ Figured out

Transitions weren’t even a topical issue in performances for Nigerian Artistes until Burna Boy started to do it. Typically, an artiste that performs with a DJ can do the transition while the DJ crossfades. Burna Boy on the other hand transitions with a live band. The first time we saw Burna Boy do a perfect transition was the ‘Kilometer-Killing Dem‘ transition. Trust me even that one never gets old. I have watched it over a hundred times and it still sounds amazing. At the Madison Square Garden the initial transition was done. As accompanied by Burna Boy’s fantastic legwork. But the one that stole the night was the ‘Sponono to Sungba Remix to Yeba Buluku Remix‘ transition. This thing should be illegal because what is this witchcraft? Watch and be the judge:

  • Christina Matovu The First and The Outsiders are Underrated

It’s about time we stopped calling these people Burna Boy’s Backup Singer and Burna Boy’s Band. The backup singer is Christina Matovu The First and The Band is called the Outsiders and they are underrated. Alongside Burna Boy, this is the first African Band to perform at a sold-out Madison Square Garden and kill it. No Be small work these people do like this. They deserve their flowers.

  • Burna Boy can open a Brassiere Shop in Balogun Market.

In case you did not watch it, let me tell you. The number of brassieres that were thrown at Burna Boy on that stage can help him to open a shop in Balogun Market because… Any small Bend down, Burna don Carry Bra. And trust Burna to perform with them. At some point, the Black Bra full everywhere.

At this point, it seems like Burna already knew a long time ago. Burna embodies the persona of a rockstar. Burna Performs like a rockstar. There was even a point where Burna smashed a guitar on stage. The man enjoyed himself and was ready to thrill the crowd.

There’s a whole lot more from Burna Boy’s ‘One Night in Space’ and those will be stamped in the history books. But at the end of the day, the biggest Talking point of all is that BURNA BOY IS WHO HE THINKS HE IS!

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