Miami FL area Publix with mold doesn’t pass state inspection


A Publix in Miami-Dade didn’t pass Florida Dept. of Agriculture inspection

A single appearance of “black mold-like” on an inspection doesn’t auger well for the establishment, even when the establishment is a Publix store.

And that phrase appeared twice on the Florida Department of Agriculture inspector’s report about the Corsica Square Publix, 15771 SW 152nd St., just two reasons the supermarket failed the inspection.

A re-inspection will occur by May 10.

Unlike the case with restaurants, which are inspected by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, a supermarket, grocery, food storage facility or commercial bakery failing a Department of Agriculture inspection doesn’t get closed. Parts of the establishment can be declared unfit for use by Stop Use Orders.

Inspector Wenndy Ayerdis didn’t see fit to drop any Stop Use Orders Tuesday, but she quickly noticed equipment deep in the yuck.

In the meat department, she saw “black, mold-like growth found on the interior housing of both bandsaws that were recently cleaned” and “white fat residue on the interior of the meat grinder plate of the large meat grinder.”

Over in the deli, a slicer allegedly cleaned with a no-rinse sanitizer “was found to still have old food residue encrusted on the slicer blade and guard.” The scissors and knives used to open packs of deli meats “were found in use over four hours without washing, rinsing and sanitizing.”

The bakery had a floor mixer with “old, yellow dough residue encrusted.”

The silicone joints/edges inside the seafood area’s ice machine had “black, mold-like staining in the roof area of the door” but “away from where the ice could make contact.”

If something you bought out of the deli area seemed to have a little extra texture, Inspector Ayyerdis did see a “food employee wearing artificial nails not using gloves at all times to handle food items and open food containers.”

As for food, a container of popcorn shrimp being sold that needed to be under 41 degrees for safe keeping measured 43 degrees. Basura. Of eight salmon burgers on display, six were from that day and two were from another. But, as they hadn’t been properly date marked and were mixed up, all eight got tossed.

A shrimp cocktail with dipping sauce in the display unit “was found to have ice in direct contact with the shrimp and the dipping sauce, allowing water to pool on the sauce inside the cup.”

This, too, was trashed.

This story was originally published May 1, 2022 4:55 PM.

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