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Mangos! Now you can get high from smoking them, too! Of course, that’s ridiculous, but mango season is here, and chances are you’re taking full advantage that tree in your neighbor’s backyard.

Well, some Miami hot spots are taking advantage, too. They’re cooking up some interesting ways to serve up South Florida’s favorite fruit. If you’re looking for a fun way to enjoy your mango this season, these spots have got you covered.

At La Cocina, Hialeah’s first specialized cocktail bar, they’re blending up something fruity and delicious with mangoes from their own backyard.

Cristina Suarez, beverage specialist for Kush Hospitality: “El burrito sabanero is with mango. Incorporating mango to this cocktail was a wonderful idea of ours. Just going by the streets in Miami, everyone is selling mangoes. It is in season, so why not use it?”

The bar is in the middle of revamping their menu, and we’re getting a sneak peak at their brand-new cocktail.

They start with a bit of a Voli 305 vodka, add their mango puree, a splash of lime juice and then a little dash of simple syrup. Finally, they top it off with ginger beer, then it’s ready to serve.

Juliana Alverez: “I thought it was delicious. It was a great pairing between the mangoes and the vodka, as well as the ginger beer and the drink. It was great.”

EST.33 Thai Craft Brewery & Kitchen at Brickell City Centre combines Asian flavors and good ol’ American barbecue, and they’re serving up a mango dish, international style.

Ciro Garzon, manager: “Well, the mango coconut sticky rice is inspired by one of the most popular deserts in Thailand.”

The rice is a traditional southeast Asian dessert made with fresh cut mangoes, deep fried rice and a hint of lime coconut milk.

Ciro Garzon: “Nowhere else in Miami they’re gonna find something like that. They’re gonna have a different experience, because it’s something that tastes very unique.”

Maria Caballero: “The mango coconut sticky rice was delicious. It’s crunchy, and the mango gives it a special kick. It’s extremely unique, and I loved it.”

La Cocina
1000 E 16th St.
Hialeah, FL 33010

EST.33 Thai Craft Brewery & Kitchen
701 S Miami Ave., Unit 412A
Brickell City Centre
Miami, FL 33131

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