Introducing the next-level MACStack Mascara

Does your mascara stack up?

Does it weightlessly deliver mega-volume? Seriously stretch, separate, lift and curl? Amp your lashes to dramatic degrees of dimension and definition? Can it create every look you’d want from a wardrobe of mascaras, all wrapped up in one infinitely buildable formula that won’t clump, flake, smudge or harden?

Didn’t think so…

M• A• CStack Mascara, is our biggest breakthrough in mascara technology, created to stack against and supersede the competition to become the #1 mascara formulation on the market. Over two years in the making, the criteria was simple: to meet every mascara need in one product. With customisation at its core, M• A• CStack Mascara is mascara your way, every day. Tech-savvy is an understatement: Superstack Mega Brush and Superstack Micro Brush feature petal-shaped, staggered and multifaceted bristles that work to hit every angle.

Micro brush – for extreme precision & control on shorter more sparse lashes & great for lower lashes.

“M·A·C is bringing mascara into 2022. Just as foundation has transformed over the years from being a layer of colour on your face, to a multifaceted, intelligent product, mascara is undergoing the same change. The mascara of now needs to feel almost digital – no longer just a coating on the lashes, but a multidimensional, pixel perfect frame for the eyes but IRL. M•A•C Stack Mascara goes on like it has a built-in program to maximise and separate like never before, it’s the mascara of the future, says ”Dominic Skinner, Global Senior Artist for M·A·C Cosmetics.

According to consumer testing on 111 women who used M• A• CStack Mascara for one week, 95% saw gravity-defying volume, lift and length, while 95% said mascara builds endlessly.


  • Mega brush
  • Micro brush:
  • All-day wear
  • Infinite durability
  • Easy to remove
  • Clump-free

Lash Flex Polymer: Allows lashes to stay to their fullest, coated, lifted, and curled resisting your daily activities.

Featherweight was blend: Creates immediate thick and creamy volume that can be layered endlessly.

Plant-based gel: With added vitamin B5 allows infinite buildability and gentle removal.

The lightest weight in fibre technology that prevents flakiness and uneveness.

M•A•CStack Mascara — Black Stack RRP: R 490.00, M•A•CStack Micro Mascara — Black Stack RRP: R 490.00, M•A•CStack Mascara/Mini M•A•C — Black Stack RRP: 300.00.

M•A•CStack Mascara will be available at all M·A·C locations from 1 March 2022.

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