How TikTok has helped Melvitto and Wande Coal smile to the bank

It is very clear how the dynamics of music and ‘how to blow’ has changed with the world.

Back in the days, a song had a life span. One could determine if a song was a hit or not. That is not the case these days.

A clear case is the raving song “Gentility” by Melvitto featuring multi-talented singer and vocalist, Wande Coal.

“Gentility” was released in 2019. Personally, I felt this was a new jam but I then quickly realised that this was an old jam.

So I am asking myself, why this song did not get the needed buzz it should have gotten.

Frankly speaking, it is a good song on all levels. A tight beat combined with Wande’s vocal’s “Gentility” should have been another national anthem.

However, their village people suppressed the shine on that song.


TikTok, a social media app that got it’s relevance during the COVID-19 pandemic, has proven the go-to ground for artistes.

CKay the “Love Nwantiti” crooner, remains a living testimony as he has enjoyed multiple milestones from the app.

TikTok is being used by acts to create challenges that go viral. This is how the song “Gentility” rose back to life.

This rise again, will surely make both acts, Wande and Melvitto, smile to the bank.

The music business today is all about streams. Streams equals money and more streams, equals more money.

The very fact that “Gentiliy” is getting more attention, thanks to TikTok, means the duo will be having a swell time.

For those who have not heard the track, watch below.

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