Game’s up: Egyptian arrested for taking footballer’s place at exam

The imposter was arrested.

Mohamed, 24, is in Cameroon with the Egyptian national team which has made it to the last-16 stage of the African competition, while back home national exams are taking place this week.

Mohamed, a forward for Turkey’s Galatasaray, is registered at the Cairo institution. But a campus official noticed that Mohamed wasn’t the one sitting the exam and filed a judicial complaint.

State media quoted the impersonator, whose true identity has yet to be revealed, as saying that he was merely “helping a friend” and had “already taken three exams instead of Mostafa Mohamed”.

Many on social media in football-mad Egypt, the Arab world’s most populous nation, poked fun at the incident.

One Twitter user called it “the stupidest crime in the 20th and 21st century” and said: “The 100 million Egyptians following football across the continent know that Mostafa Mohamed is in Cameroon.” ¬†

It was unclear if the footballer had asked the other man to take his place, or what the penalty would be.

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