Eto’o to the Indomitable Lions: I will change the entire team

The video of Cameroon  FA  President  Samuel  Eto’o  astonishing  diatribe  at  his  squad  following  their 2023 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Burundi has gone viral.

Despite, a 1- 0 victory in Dar es Salaam, Eto’o plainly seemed dissatisfied with the match result. Tanzania hosted the Group C fixture because Burundi does not have a CAF- approved stadium.

Away from home, the Burundians were largely harmless. The Indomitable Lions, on the other hand, had more than 13 shots on goal but only one of them was successful, a curling free-kick from Karl Toko Ekambi.

In the locker room thereafter, with coach Rigoberto Song present, Eto’o threatened to change the entire team before the World Cup later this year if performance did not improve.

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Cameroon defeated Burundi 1- 0 at home , but the great (and now FA boss)  slammed the teams demeanor on the field. He  claims  it  will  be  no  trouble  to  replace  the  entire  World  Cup  qualifying team with an entirely new one! ”I am dissatisfied,” Etoo admitted. 

It makes no difference who you play against; you represent Cameroon. 

I am quite dissatisfied. I missed the World Cup in my time since I was aware of my concerns. 

Those issues will not reoccur while I am president. “No one is permanent in this team with a permanent position. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has a guaranteed spot on this team. 

You must carry out your responsibilities. Whoever comes here to wear this shirt must accomplish the job, or else he will leave, and I will be delighted to see the children play. “

He told the players to believe him because he was once the best player. “I used to sit where you are now. Right now I  know  some  of  you  are  thinking , ‘he’s stupid,’  but  believe me when I say I was the best. 

I understand why I failed and i promise to  give  you  everything  including my life,  to ensure  that you  are in the  best possible health.

You sit here and have no idea about the battles I fight for you. “I will fight with everyone to put you in the best condition. READ MORE ON

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