CA man in anti-mask shirt yells at kids wearing them: video


A man was caught on camera yelling at children over the masks they were wearing in La Crescenta, California, while he wore a shirt with “Your mask makes you look stupid” on it. The video was posted on Reddit on Jan. 22, 2022.

Screengrab of a Reddit video

A man wearing an anti-mask shirt was caught on video taunting school children over the masks they were wearing.

The 56-second clip was posted on Reddit on Jan. 22 and says the incident occurred in La Crescenta, California.

The Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station confirmed they are aware of the video and are investigating the incident. They said the video was shot off school grounds the week before.

In the video, an unmasked man is shown wearing a shirt with “Your mask makes you look stupid” as he yells toward a group of what appears to be schoolkids who are standing in a parking lot.

The children are wearing masks, the video shows.

“Stay scared, keep your masks on that don’t even work,” the man says as he waves his arms in a taunting manner.

The person filming the interaction asks the kids if the unmasked man was yelling at them. That’s when the man turns to the camera.

“Look at this grown man with a mask on. What a freaking coward,” he says.

He then says his children are forced to wear masks.

When the person filming asks him what the problem is, the man calls them an “idiot,” and says that masks don’t work and they are “child abuse.”

The incident happened near Rosemont Middle School, KCBS-TV reported.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department told the news outlet they have identified the man.

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