Actress Anita Joseph Gives Relationship Tip

People have different ways they make their relationship work. Some do calls, some chats, some visitations. Know your partner well and act accordingly. Whatever works for you.

Personally, I hate too much calls.. I don’t wake in the morning and the first thing I think of is Man. I rush off most mornings after a lot of morning rituals I do. Prayers exercises, planning my day… In other words I don’t appreciate morning check ups. So, knowing that you can’t come and choke me with “I just want to hear your voice in the morning”. I come hate small talks join. Luckily my partner is just like me. We’re very much in sync. But one thing we’ve never done is go a whole day and not talk. There’s always a chat from him waitung for me and if I don’t respond in time he calls to find out if all is okay. Its working for us.

Every aboki with his own kettle.


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